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Music Survey of Such Fun by Annuals

Annuals is a six-piece (Independent) band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Their band individuals comprise of Adam Dough puncher (Musician/Vocals), Kenny Florence (Lead Guitar/Support Vocals), Mike Robinson (Bass/Sponsorship Vocals), Anna Spence (console/Piano/Support Vocals), Zak Oden (Drums/Guitar) and Donzel Radford (Drums/Percussion). Their sort are generally Non mainstream shake, Elective shake, Outside the box pop, Trial shake. Their […]

Dead Sara Music Audit

So I was doing my day by day peruse for magnificent music, and I went over this melody called Meteorologist. What’s more, I thought, that is a fun name for a melody. It’s conceivable I made the best mouse-snap of my life. Amazing, what a tune! Such feeling, such energy. It resembled I was tuning […]

Robert Fripp “Presentation” – Music Audit

Daryl Corridor can sing! I mean it’s no extraordinary disclosure that he can, it’s simply dazzling to really hear it. He is honored with a voice so solid and aerobatic, it’s a miracle he’s not more commended. Maybe it’s the moment acknowledgment that his tone brings. It just takes a note or two and most […]